Friday, 2 December 2011

AS Evaluation

Media website evaluation
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This is the Evaluation for the website that I produced. i had to look at the advantages and disadvantages of my website, and also looked at whether or nor the website followed the typical codes and conventions of many other websites. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Campaign Website second Draft

This is the second draft of my campaign site. I have Changed the colour scheme and the background and went for amore serious look. however, i did keep some conventions of a website the same. The Name is still in the top left, the links are spread even;y across the top and the links to outside contributers and donators are at the bottom of the page. i think that this is a slight improvement over the first draft, however it was too bland and lacked detail. hopefully, i can fix these faults with my final product. 


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Campaign Site First Draft

This is the first draft of my campaign website. At first i thought it looked okay, however when i moved on to researching the different websites again, i realised that there were many faults with this particular draft.  Firstly, the colours of Pink and black are too bland and they make the website look unappealing and ugly. I also noticed that the photographs that i had taken were not to a good standard. These details can be changed and the new look website will hopefully look a lot better than this one.    

Friday, 14 October 2011

Designing the Campaign Site: Sketching ideas

Below are some sketches that i have drawn as rough ideas to what the website will look like. This was a case of jotting down my ideas on paper. I believe that my ideas will develop over the course of the website production, but will always follow the codes and conventions of other campaign websites. 

Monday, 10 October 2011

PhotoShop skills development

Today we looked at photoshop and learnt the basics on how to crop, edit and add backgrounds to images. We also had a go on editing one of our previously taken photographs and adding a different background, Below is that particular images and as you can see we took a picture of ourselves and added a background to it. You can also see both images before and after they were merged together.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Target Audience Questionnaire

Today we planned and created a questionnaire for our target audience to answer in order for us to gain feedback and information on what the audience would like to see on the website. The results given to us will help us make key decisions when planning and producing out campaign website. Below is the original questionnaire that we produced before we sent it out to the target audience to be answered. We used terminology that would relate to our audience and also worded the questions in a slightly 'slang' way for the questionnaire to again become more aesthetically pleasing to the audience.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Proposal for Campaign Website

For My Main As website I'm planning to create a campaign site, which raises awareness for Drug Abuse in young adults and teenagers. The name of the website will be ‘oneis2many’. The website will be aimed at young men and women from 14-21 year old. To raise awareness the website will detail how people can get involved in awareness raising. Events such as talks in schools and colleges, sponsored sporting events and club nights will be promoted. The site will also offer free posters, leaflets, stickers and there will be merchandise for sale to raise money.
Homepage, Your stories, FAQ’s, Consequences.
Conventional 3-column structure, Logo (top left), Conventional horizontal navigation bar, Left column (links to other pages on the site), Middle column (main information for the page), Right column (links to outside organisations), Footer (corporate information).
Sporting Events, Charity Events, Image of the help team

Saturday, 1 October 2011

School Website Final Product

Media Studies

Today Me and Annie finally finished our preliminary school site and were able to publish it before the deadline. Below is a screen shot of both the home page and the Media Studies page on our website. As you can see we have followed many of the codes and conventions involved with school websites, however, we did put our own little twist on the site by putting the logo n the top right hand corner.

School Website Feedback

We received a lot of positive criticism for our original film. These comments were fair and now we know that we can use those comments and focus on making our website better in conjunction with those comments.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

School Website Production

We are now mid way through the production process of our school website and we feel as though the time has been successful. Although we both had original ideas that were different, we were able to come to an agreement on the decisions that were being made during the production process. Below is a screen shot of the website as it is now. Although it is only half done, you can see that we are planning on following the three column structure on our website.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Introduction to iWeb

Today we were introduced to iWeb. When we first opened up iWeb we were given the choice of many different kinds of templates. However we were not permitted to use templates and therefore had to start on a blank canvas. This will be good as our ideas can then flow and we can experiment with different ideas more. below are print screens of both the chosen blank template and the original layout of the blank template.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Skills development: Cameras

Today we were told to go out around the school and practice working with digital still cameras and the moving image cameras. This camera is similar to the cameras we have here. we are using the automatic settings but we are concentrating on framing the images properly.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Designing the school site: Sketching ideas

These are some rough sketches that I have composed of the school website. I feel as though sketching the ideas has helped the ideas develop and therefore I have more ideas and hopefully to a better standard. 

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Team meeting: school site

Present: Damien Johnson, Annie Meehan 

What we want to produce:
  • Target audience: students
  • School name: Brambly High
  • Type of school: Comprehensive
  • Colour design: Red and black
  • Photography: Students in school and in the media department
  • Layout: 3 column structure with navigation bar at the top, logo top

Next step: Sketch to agree ideas

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Preliminary task: conventions of school websites 3

Bishop Justus

Layout: This layout looks as though it follows the three column structure. The logo is in the top left corner with the name of the school beside it. There is also a slight tag line saying 'Through Faith and Learning'. this suggests that the school is religious and focuses primarily on the success and well being of the students.
Colour Scheme: The colour scheme is again of the school colours. this is mainly purple and my statement is backed up further as the uniforms of the students is also purple.
Photography: The photography of the site is mainly of the students and teachers at Bishop Justus. This has been used to show the unity between student and teachers. there is also an image of the head teacher looking friendly and welcoming.
Branding: The branding used is to associate bishop Justus with faith, Learning, unity and most importantly success.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Preliminary task: conventions of school websites 2

Coloma Convent Girls School

Layout: logo is in the middle with the school name above. it has a slight tagline line saying 'welcome to'. As it is he front page you cant tell if it follows the three column structure. It had seven images that are labelled and link to various pages within the site. It also has the address of the school in the bottom left corner and a link to a contributer in the bottom right hand corner.

The Colour Scheme: The colour scheme used here i mostly school colours this is blue and white. This is seen as the school badge is Blue and white and it follows the conventions of the schools in general. This can also be seen through the girls in the picture are wearing their school uniforms and presumably school colours.

Photography: The photography taken is of the students of the school. this is able to represent the students at coloma and you can see that they are hard working, ambitious ad well behaved. There is also a shot of the school badge in the centre of the site.

Branding: this very much associates the coloma brand to hard working, committed, ambitious and successful.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Preliminary task: conventions of school websites 1

Today we were told that our AS project would be to design and produce a website for a campaign. Before we do this though, we need to develop our understanding of websites and build our skills in photoShop, photography and iWeb. Today we started by researching 3 school websites because our first task is to design the home page and the media studies page for a school site.

Ravens Wood School
The starting point was to look at our own school website to find the normal conventions of layout, the colour scheme, the text and the language, photography and the overall branding of the school.
Layout: Logo is top left and the logo is the school badge, the school name is to the right with a tagline to explain the school mission statement. a three-column structure is used to arrange the contents and keep everything in order. The columns to the left have links to announcements, the middle column has a welcome statement from the headteacher and the right column has the latest news from the school. At the bottom of the page is the legal references such as disclaimers, copyright and quick links to associated companies.
The colour scheme used here is the school colours of green and black. They haven't gone for a blackground though because it would look too much like it was aimed at teenagers when actually they're targeting parents. Green has been used for the banner area, the VLE login and it is picked up in the PE vests in the main photo.
There is a lot of text on this page but mostly they are text for links apart from the main message. The mode of address is formal and persuasive - they are trying to persuade parents that this is the right school for their child. Words like, "excellence", "committed" and "innovation" are used to try and set them apart from other schools.

The photography for this site is all of the students. It represents the students at RWS, how they behave, how they dress, how they are a community and how they concentrate on their work. The main photos are in a Flash programme which makes them change every few seconds.
The branding of the school is very much to associate the RWS brand with success and commitment and excellence.

Monday, 12 September 2011


Welcome to my blog for AS media coursework.

This blog will display the research and planning for my website and you can also access my evaluation here. All of my posts are to the left in the contents section and you can move down the list to click on whatever you would like to see. I will also show how my skill have progressed and developed throughout the course of the media product i was producing. I was asked to produce a campaign website that focuses on a chosen charity. I will also complete a preliminary site as well.