Saturday, 17 September 2011

Preliminary task: conventions of school websites 3

Bishop Justus

Layout: This layout looks as though it follows the three column structure. The logo is in the top left corner with the name of the school beside it. There is also a slight tag line saying 'Through Faith and Learning'. this suggests that the school is religious and focuses primarily on the success and well being of the students.
Colour Scheme: The colour scheme is again of the school colours. this is mainly purple and my statement is backed up further as the uniforms of the students is also purple.
Photography: The photography of the site is mainly of the students and teachers at Bishop Justus. This has been used to show the unity between student and teachers. there is also an image of the head teacher looking friendly and welcoming.
Branding: The branding used is to associate bishop Justus with faith, Learning, unity and most importantly success.

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