Sunday, 2 October 2011

Proposal for Campaign Website

For My Main As website I'm planning to create a campaign site, which raises awareness for Drug Abuse in young adults and teenagers. The name of the website will be ‘oneis2many’. The website will be aimed at young men and women from 14-21 year old. To raise awareness the website will detail how people can get involved in awareness raising. Events such as talks in schools and colleges, sponsored sporting events and club nights will be promoted. The site will also offer free posters, leaflets, stickers and there will be merchandise for sale to raise money.
Homepage, Your stories, FAQ’s, Consequences.
Conventional 3-column structure, Logo (top left), Conventional horizontal navigation bar, Left column (links to other pages on the site), Middle column (main information for the page), Right column (links to outside organisations), Footer (corporate information).
Sporting Events, Charity Events, Image of the help team

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