Friday, 16 September 2011

Preliminary task: conventions of school websites 2

Coloma Convent Girls School

Layout: logo is in the middle with the school name above. it has a slight tagline line saying 'welcome to'. As it is he front page you cant tell if it follows the three column structure. It had seven images that are labelled and link to various pages within the site. It also has the address of the school in the bottom left corner and a link to a contributer in the bottom right hand corner.

The Colour Scheme: The colour scheme used here i mostly school colours this is blue and white. This is seen as the school badge is Blue and white and it follows the conventions of the schools in general. This can also be seen through the girls in the picture are wearing their school uniforms and presumably school colours.

Photography: The photography taken is of the students of the school. this is able to represent the students at coloma and you can see that they are hard working, ambitious ad well behaved. There is also a shot of the school badge in the centre of the site.

Branding: this very much associates the coloma brand to hard working, committed, ambitious and successful.

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