Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Your Stories

This is the your stories page from my finished website. This page hasn't changed much as I felt that the page wasn't bland, it just needed to look more pleasant for the viewer to see. I've also added a 'Tell us your stories' box, which will help my website interact more freely with the audience.


This is the FAQ's page from my completed website. This first and second draft lacked imagination and depth regarding the questions. The Questions weren't necessarily aimed at my target audience. I changed that in my final design, and went into more detail as to how i answered the questions and constructed the questioning.  


This is the consequences page from my completed website. I have added new images and i believe that this has helped pull it all together. This page doesn't look so bland and empty anymore, which was the problem beforehand.


This is the front page of my finished website. I think i have changed a lot from my second draft as including the background image and the photography.

Using iWeb

This is a print screen of me editing the home page of my website in iWeb. i found iWeb difficult to use at first, however find it is very useful and it has helped it the production of my website.

Using Photoshop

This is a print of me working on photoshop. I had to crop and scale every image, so that i could fit and be in conjunction with one another. Above is a print screen of one of the photographs being cropped and sized before it is put onto the site.

Website images

These are a few of the images that i have decided to use whilst constructing my campaign website. I chose images of drugs and because my website is a drug site. Also, i wanted to give the audience more information on the drug, and an image of the drug is the best way to do so. these images are not real drugs, they are just prepared to look like they are.